75 years in business….an impressive milestone for sure: seems to be the right time to revisit and acknowledge parts of our history and then look beyond to the next 75.

Our beginnings can be traced back to 1946 as William Riley Sr. realized that local businesses had a certain need that he could fill. At that time, basic commercial printing was the answer.

While our business, like most businesses, has changed its focus throughout the years, I firmly believe that our success is due to what we did not change! That core competency, which was never compromised, is the desire to understand the challenges faced by our clients and, through a trusting partnership, creating a custom solution for them. We have always understood that making our customers/partners successful would equal success for Allied as well. 

While this might sound pretty simple, I can assure you that executing this concept is not.

Very early on, we realized that understanding who we really were, was of the utmost importance. We did not and do not let ourselves be defined as a "printer" or any other commodity producer. We are so much more. We are a partner to our clients and together, we achieve a value-added solution which contributes to their success. When these concepts come together, it can be a magical solution. Our Document Management partners trust us with the fulfillment of their business documents and communications, labels, and corporate kits of all types. Our Life Science partners trust us to provide diagnostic test kits that assist them in their mission to diagnose life changing illnesses.

That trust is the essential ingredient in all our partnerships, no matter the unique solutions. Establishing and maintaining that trust has taken Allied from a start-up with few employees and little revenue to a thriving corporation of over 250 employees and annual revenue in excess of $30 million. 

Most importantly, we are confident that our direction forward is the right one. This confidence stems from two primary factors: Having the experience to create these trusting partnerships AND having them with the right clients in the most prosperous industries. We will continue to provide valuable solutions for the unique needs of every client—together we will prosper. 

Certainly a recipe for another great 75 years!

Robert C. Clement
President, The Allied Group

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