4 Stages of Onboarding New Employees

By Will Lawler
October 28, 2021

Your new hire has signed their contract and now the excitement starts! Time to integrate the newest team member into your organization. This process is often disorganized and different depending on which team is growing, but there are four key stages to onboarding which should not be overlooked. Employees who participate in a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay with an organization for three years.

1. Preparation
Having everything ready for your new employee's first day doesn't just expedite the process, it shows that they are joining an organized team that is excited to welcome a new member.

Here is what should be ready to go for day 1:

  • Employee handbook
  • A welcome letter from the manager or CEO
  • Computer, software, and logins
  • An onboarding schedule of activities for their first week
  • An Allied Onboarding Kit (see below for more info)

2. Orientation


  • Who do they need to know in order to get their work done? Who is on the team, who is on the support staff, who is sitting near them, and who are the key players in other departments that will be heavily involved in their work?


  • When are the daily, weekly, and monthly meetings? What internal schedule has been put in place that your new hire will need to know to keep up to date with their work and the team? When are the "core" work hours that all remote employees are expected to be available?


  • Where is the team located? Where is the HR department located in the building? Where does the team meet up for brain-storming or letting off steam?

3. Integration
90% of employees decide whether they are going to stay with their new company within the first 6 months of their start date. Here are a few tips to take advantage of those first six months by focusing on integration into the team:

  • Communicate clearly the expectations of the job and the values and goals of the company.
  • Assigning a mentor to serve as a guide to learning the ropes is one of the most overlooked but beneficial steps to providing a successful start.
  • Double down on making sure your new employee feels accepted into the company culture. Schedule one-on-one meetings with the people you think personify the values of the company, regardless of what department they are in.

4. Engagement
Engaging your new hire on a professional and social level will do wonders for their long time success.

  • Seek feedback on the onboarding process. What has worked and what have they struggled with?
  • Set short term goals to revisit three months after their start date.


  • Organize a team lunch or happy hour to let your staff welcome their new colleague in a laid back setting. Learning everyone's name and position on the first day is a tall ask so try this one week after the start date.
  • If your new employee is working remotely consider bringing them to the office for a day of face-to-face interaction with the team. Show them around the headquarters and give demos of your products to ensure they are fully briefed on the end-result of their hard work.

Contact Allied today to customize an onboarding kit for your company!
An Allied Onboarding Kit gives your new team members everything they need to be ready to go day one:

  • Company branded jacket and shirt
  • Branded tech and desk peripherals
  • Bluelight glasses
  • Video conferencing camera and light

Don't scramble every time a new member joins the company. Let Allied help welcome each hire with everything they need to get to work and immediately feel like they are prepared, appreciated, and engaged.

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Will Lawler
Will Lawler

Will is the Corporate Kitting Product Manager for The Allied Group. His blogs focus on the importance of employee engagement and employee retention as well as tips on working remotely and in hybrid work environments.


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