4 Pillars of Employee Engagement Pillar #3: Acknowledgement


Struggling with keeping your teams engaged and retaining your top talent? 

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Employees feel acknowledged when you: 

• Use your social media channels to brag about high achievers. Acknowledge employees who are going above and beyond both internally and publically. 

• Track and celebrate team wins. Beating a tough deadline, launching a new product, or meeting a big sales quota are perfect opportunities to celebrate with your team and let them know their hard work is appreciated. 

• Encourage team members to acknowledge their peer’s efforts. Recognition from management is extremely important but so is praise from their coworkers. 

• Acknowledgment also means listening to feedback. Whether your managers actively pursue feedback from employees or anonymous surveys are sent out to the company it is key to address the issues that are brought up. 

• Make real connection with Branded Gift Kits. In today’s hybrid/remote world – Branded Kits build loyalty and strengthen the employee/employer bond. 


Acknowledgement Opportunities…. 

Untitled design-4Product launch celebration: 

Congratulate your team on a job well done! 

Untitled design-4 Achieving Sales goals: 

Celebrate meeting or beating your quarterly or annual sales goals! 

Untitled design-4 Personal Development Milestones: 

Show appreciation for the stakeholders who take initiative above and beyond expectations! 


 If you’d like to hear about some creative ways to use Branded Kits to create genuine engagement with your team, and acknowledge their value, please Contact Allied. 

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Will Lawler
Will Lawler

Will is the Corporate Kitting Product Manager for The Allied Group. His blogs focus on the importance of employee engagement and employee retention as well as tips on working remotely and in hybrid work environments.


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